Liberal Arts in the Doldrums
Rethink, Revise, and Revitalize to Reverse the Trend
About the Author: Jack Hampton is a Professor at St. Peter's University in New Jersey. Previously he was a dean at Seton Hall and Connecticut State universities and provost of SUNY Maritime College in New York City.
"John Hampton's book reviews the issues facing higher education from a variety of viewpoints: psychology, logic, external review boards, and risk management. The thrust of the treatise is to promote critical thinking so students are prepared to make sound decisions as they pursue their goals for a successful life. Questions prod professors to consider the "sage on the stage" method of teaching and engage in an interactive process to stimulate critical thinking. The professoriate is in a difficult position; one that requires instructors to jump through hoops dictated by archaic practices. Is holding the Ph.D the best way to prepare a person to inform others? This is a call to re-examine the 'way it's always been done.'"

Joan Coll-Reilly, Ph.D, Emerita Professor and former Associate Dean, Seton Hall University.